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*Pictured here is Rev Pam working in a private stone hedge ritual for her son in England 2007

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Friendlypagans.com is designed to help serve our festival lands and ritual. We have many free options available to users such as a national community calendar for pagan events, free user profiles, a  Directory of Service Providers features, and additional social and community features, all tied into the Friendly Pagans Business Resource to help people stay connected and engaged between festivals and rituals. Remember - its all free. 

Increasing Pagan Community Participation



Friendlypagans.com is designed to help serve our festival lands and ritual space, forests and mother earth by increasing community participation and interaction. Through the social aspect of the site, users can log donated hours, money and supplies and earn credit toward the community's online guilds of guardians, workers and teachers. Each organization is encouraged to add their land information here, use the free calendar of events, and link to it on your website. 

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Rev PAMagnuon

 Rev PAMagnuson

Internet marketing guru and Interfaith wedding officiant entrepreneur. Owns Chicago Pagan Weddings & is the founder of the teaching coven FriendGathering.com and manages her own  Occult services business SpellGuide.com 

Jonathon Rogoff

Jonathon Rogoff

Programming website whiz kid and director of Internet outreach and entrepreneur. eMail if you need Support@FriendlyPagans.com

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